Monday, August 5, 2013

10 Flat Design Examples

Lately Flat Design has become the biggest trend with it's minimalist and simple approach. Many designers are looking for new Flat Design Inspiration ranging from Flat websites to Flat Icons. So what does Flat Design mean? It's taking away subtle textures, drop shadows, gradients making room for solid color and sharp typography.

In today's collection we've gathered the latest Flat Design Inspiration for Designers ranging from Flat Design Websites, Flat Design Icons, Flat Design Posters, Flat Design Infographics and Flat Design Illustrations. These Flat Design trends are filled with new and exciting ideas, I hope you find lots of inspiration!

Flat Design UI

Google+ Grid

Flat for iPhone5 theme

Thank You, Alfred!

Flat Pricing Tables

Free Flat Social Media Icons (PSD)

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