Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Drupal Drush Makefile : Simplify Your Drupal Development

Drupal Drush MakeFile is a list that acts as a work tab of all the commands and functions necessary for implementation in a website. In order to build a website on Drupal one needs to download several utilities and tools such as themes, modules and Drupal core. Depending on the type of website JavaScript libraries similar to jQuery UI need to be downloaded to make the Drupal website functioning up and running.

The real issue comes up when you need to create another website based on the available Drupal tools. In order to run the functions you need to put in a lot of commands. This is a lengthy process for which a developer often feels the need to create a list to maintain a tab. A Drush MakeFile is a list containing every single thing that is used to create a Drupal website. A Drush MakeFile is a text file that looks quite similar to .info files in format. It appears in all text and is very easy to assess.        Read More